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New-Tone Advertising Agency is the federal operator of advertising on transport media in Moscow and Russian regions. The Agency was founded in 1994 and takes the leading positions in advertising on public transport for many years.


  • Transport advertising;
  • Outdoor advertising;
  • Metro advertising;
  • Indoor advertising;
  • Internet advertising;
  • Press advertising;
  • Radio advertising.

More information about New-Tone’ services

Achievements of the Agency

  • the team of the high skilled professionals
  • the authorized agency of advertising sales on transport
  • regional network of transit and outdoor advertising placement in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and more then in 200 other cities of Russia
  • adjusted contacts and experience in transit and outdoor advertising

In 2010 New-Tone expanded its presence in advertising market and proceeded to serve the customers in St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod.

Chief executive of the New-Tone Advertising Agency, Ovik Sarkisyan:

«New-Tone is the Agency which formed its own philosophy of work during the long development history. Credo of the Agency is to find a new advertising tone for the each customer».


To contribute to the civilized development of the transit and outdoor advertising market in Russia

  • to plan and to implement widescale national campaigns
  • to organize discussion and experience exchanging platforms for the advertising market experts
  • to popularize advertising on transport

Projects of the Agency

The New-Tone Advertising Agency takes an active part in shaping the transit and outdoor advertising sector. Every year the Agency organizes B2B-events which unite advertising industry players, creating the reasons to meet with friends and partners. The participants communicate with colleagues there, exchange the experience, share interesting ideas and discuss the latest advertising market news.

All-Russian Conference Transit Advertising is an annual event for the professionals in the sphere of transit and outdoor advertising. The event is attended by representatives of Russian and international Advertising market.

The event has more then 10-year history and is kind of unique. Taking part in Transit Advertising provides the opportunity to learn the latest information about the advertising market trends and technologies which are used in transit advertising in Russia and abroad.

Advertising New-Tone Bi-Nom is the event for professionals in the sphere of outdoor advertising which gives an opportunity to share the information and to have useful connections.

Bi-Nom is hold since 2001 and was firstly conceived as the Moscow event for professionals in the sphere of the transit and outdoor advertising which combined useful business communication and pleasant rest. Since 2010 Bi-Nom got the status of the conference which combines training program and advertising specialists performances.

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